Ethical and Decision-Making Responsibilities for Addiction Professionals 6.0 CEUs

(Course Updated: November 2022)

This OASAS approved Ethics 6.0 CE online course fulfills the NYS requirement for six hours of continuing education for CASAC renewal certification.




“This was a very enjoyable course. I definitely have gained considerable knowledge and insight into the treatment of individuals with an addiction (SUD) as a whole. And I appreciate the time and energy you give to those of us in the field every day.”       Sue K. – Syracuse, NY

Ethics 6.0 Course – OASAS Approved

1 year of access

Enroll with any credit/debit card via our secure PayPal link.     You can take the course at your own pace.

1) Welcome & Course Introduction

2) Virtue Ethics vs. Code of Ethics vs. Legal Responsibilities.

3) Ethical Decision Making and Conduct Using a Formal Ethical Decision-making Framework.

4) Legal obligations

5) Counselor-client relationship

6) Critical Thinking Skills

7) Self-disclosure in addiction counseling

8) Counselor Wellness

9) Principles of Trauma-informed Care (New Section: April 2022)


13 Comments to “Ethical and Decision-Making Responsibilities for Addiction Professionals 6.0 CEUs”

  1. Professor Rule, you put together a fantastic course and I was able to print a certificate right away.


  2. I can see you completed the course with a 99.8%. Congratulations Dair. Go to “My Courses – Student Dashboard”

    Log-in with your password. It will show your courses but click on “View All My Certificates”. From there you can view, save and print out your certificates. If there is an issue with printing hit “print screen” on your keyboard.

    I will check later tonight let me know if that worked for you but don’t worry I will make sure you get your certificate.

    William A. Rule, Executive Director – Institute for Learning and Development

  3. William, that worked out great. thanks for getting back to me right away with the step-by-step instructions. I am moving forward with the course and so far it looks very informative.

    1. OK Joseph, I can see you have registered and can confirm that you are enrolled in the Ethics course. Try this:

      Go to “My Courses – Student Dashboard” –>

      Log-in using your profile email and password.

      That will open the Ethics 6.0 course. Click on the Ethics 6.0 icon and that will take you to the course and move forward from there.

      Let me know that this process worked for you.


  4. Good afternoon Mr. William Rule,

    I just wanted to thank you for your great assistance and patience with helping me get through the ethics course and print my certificate. Just finished course last night and my renewal package has been mailed to OASAS. You are providing a valuable service to our field.

    “You Rule!!!” Thanks again. Will inform people of your website.

    Anthony F. (The Bronx)

  5. Hello Rose, I created a video tutorial on the Student Dashboard page that should help you out.

    To watch it now –> (Click Here)

    Let me know if this solves the issue.

    I am also going to email you from the main box

    William Rule.

  6. It looks like you were able to figure it out Joseph. You completed Section 3 and the quiz yesterday and have completed Section 4 and the quiz this afternoon. Your grade shows 100%.
    Not sure what the problem is. Three other individuals have taken and completed the course this week.
    Are you working from a works or company computer? Sometimes there is a firewall with those computers. Just keep moving along through the course and get your certificate.
    My main focus is on the course content and getting the information into the hands of the people doing the work –> the counselors.

    William Rule

  7. From a individual who took the Ethics 6.0 course:

    Having earned my CASAC in 1997, I have taken many ethic courses. This is by far the most useful, having covered topics not previously discussed before…Disclosure, Subpoena vs court order…critical thinking. GREAT course.

  8. Hi William! So far, so good. I started your training today, and I like how you break it up into small parts. The volume for the online course was very good at the start, but once I got to the Consent vs. Informed Consent, and then the Code of Ethics, your volume went down and it was harder to hear you. The volume on my computer is at 100% and I checked to make sure I didn’t inadvertently change the volume from my end. Just thought you might like to know that. I’ll see you again tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for the input Diane. I just listened to Consent v Informed Consent and the could turn the volume loud. Which video was low for you?
      There are more than one volume control on your computer. Let me now if I can do more.

  9. Hi, Are all the above guaranteed to be accepted by OASAS with in the next 3 years?Ronnie

    1. Yes Ronnie, all of the online courses are OASAS approved, include a offical Certificate of Completion and will be accepted for CASAC/CPP/CPS renewal certification.

      Willian Rule

  10. This was a very enjoyable course. I definitely have gained considerable knowledge and insight into the alcohol and drug profession as a whole. And I appreciate the time and energy you give to those of us in the field every day.

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