“Advocacy through education”


These are free educational and informational audio podcasts that you can listen to anywhere anytime on your smartphones or your computers.

                                                       OASAS pamphlet BR 63-3/11 Revised .pdf 

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3 Comments to “Podcasts”

  1. After listening to these podcasts, will/ can we get something in writing that it’s been completed? I just like to see what I have done (in writing) and it makes me want to strive to do more! Thank you

    1. Not for the podcasts Stacy. I have some other free educational course work that gives a certificate. Look around the website.


  2. Sent to ILD by a viewer of The Hole

    I enjoyed this video. I think that if we can share this video and more of them similar to this, we can show the “still sick and suffering” that they deserve a better life! As a recovering addicted for 3 years, I definitely related to thinking I belonged in the hole. Due to very low self esteem, self destruction, and not knowing where to go to take the steps to climb out of the hole. Thank you for your time in making this video. Really brought me back to where I was and how far I’ve come! Thank You!

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