The Hole: A Story of Addiction and Recovery

The Hole: A Story of Addiction and Recovery

This is a fictional short film (18 mins) of a young man who lives his life as if he belonged in a dirt hole. It is an inspirational story of low self-esteem, addiction, relapse and recovery and how the man is able to re-identify himself and his life. The film is free and was written and produced independently by ILD for anyone to watch and to show as an educational tool to clients/patients in treatment programs.

Viewer Feedback

“A powerful film.”  An academic professor

“My patients respond to this film.”  A counselor

“I think that if we share this film we can show the still sick and suffering addicts that they deserve a better life.”  A CRPA

“I definitely related to this film.”  A recovering person

“Really brought me back to where I was and how far I’ve come! Thank You!”  A recovering person

Version: 9/2020