All poems authored by: William A. Rule (c)



It seemed a long time ago

The days were shorter then

The nights were lonely and cold

They still are as a man

I huddle unto myself

For it is there that my trust resides

Within the cocoon of knowledge

That my identity has been assured

By the monumental effort it has taken

To survive this long and far

It has been no simple task

No pleasant undertaking

No preparation for inheritance

No future assured

But a revelation of existence

To find myself here at present

And very much alive

And aware of my integrity

To be who I want to be

And free

It was a certainty

Of a passage

That has made me strong



I was defiant

fixed in purpose

like a stubborn ass

incapable of reasoning

that forward motion

to an unknown destination

was more eloquent than

obstinate objection

of reality’s intolerable twitches

uncontrollable nuances

like a crap shoot

of the universe

that in my opinion should stop

and make way for the Great I Am

to be allowed to pass through

unscathed in my uniqueness

not allowing myself to feel

that which was the gift

of my humanness

Rebellion I said

against what I’ve forgotten

just make a sharp left

at the first corner

of the straight and narrow

of my destiny

and never feel my freedom

I’ll show them

fuck with me

and I’ll blow my head off

 I didn’t need the truth

so I preceded to drown

in pig-headed perceptions

which I embraced 

as a lover

who never betrayed my

commitment and obsession

to obstinate objection


GROWTH    (2/27/95)

The tree stands tall

And wide reaching out

Towards the heavens

Arms open in worship

Of the light

That brings it life

Its foundation the Earth

A loving partner

They cling to each other

Its roots bore deep

To absorb the life

Which nature provides

It must be the cedar

For it can not change to oak

It can never be two trees

But one unto itself

For that is where

Its beauty lies

Devoid of leaves

From winters chill

Each year the tree

Must let them go

To fall away

In silent drifts

That they may return

And stronger still

When warming sap

Sprouts buds of green

To bloom

In spring


QUINTESSENCE     (7/22/93)

It has frequently been my experience

That I’d want things to happen too fast

I would think what a dammed inconvenience

And head for the hills in the past

I’d be left all alone with  my conscience

And a void in my heart that was vast

I’d petition my God in subservience

And scream out “I need love that will last”

He replied “Son, I know you’re an enthusiast

And you’re inclined to do things half assed,

But on this you must show me obedience

For to find love you must sometimes stand fast.

And especially for you the quintessence

For you deserve all the best long last

But you really must strive to have patience

And your desires will soon come to pass”


WONDERS     (7/29/94)

What wonders life has bestowed me

Could only be God’s gifts

I thank Him for my eyes to see

What makes my spirit lift

To feel the rain

Upon my face

To search stars

For heavens grace

To see my blue

In Jeffery’s eyes

He’s fresh like my

It’s no surprise

To love myself

to see the truth

Be forty-three

And feel my youth

These things are gifts

I need them so

To see some light

My hearts aglow


LOOK AT ME    (10/16/96)

Look at me

What you see

Before you standing

Is a man

With character and integrity

Able to feel and love

All that life

Has to offer

What a gift

I feel so many things

In this heart of mine

Depth which I heretofore

Have denied myself

Mere faint realities

Of my perception

Unsure of the truth

Of what was so apparent

To the young boy

Of my innocence

That has long since

Been trampled on

Almost stifled

By a family of lies

So decievingly masked

That it has taken

Far to many years

To reveal the truth

Look at me

What you see

Before you impassioned

Is this man

Who is allowed to feel

The sorrow of his youth

And lean on it

And accept

That which is


And live in the present


Look at me

And see me naked

As the wind blows

Around my being

My hair is swept

My face is chilled

Mine eyes are teared

As I look into the wind

And feel the force

Of my fear

I will not look away

I will face my future

Which simply lies ahead

Not allowing the past

To dictate the course

Others have wandered

Some to their doom

Not I

Not this man


Look at me

As I search

For the answers

To unknown questions

That will certainly be asked

As I continue

On a venture

Of self knowledge

That requires this man

To reach for a potential

That exceeds his grasp

And a future that is assured

By faith

Look at me

You will see

A man who is capable

Of anything that will be

Who will never long to be free

As I live each day

With love in my heart

Unafraid of the human truth

About myself

I Look at me


DREAM OF  DAYS TO COME    (9/24/95)

This life of mine fulfills the dream

I’ve had since first I cried

I long to go again each night

For it’s there my fears subside

But in my sleep I scare myself

By not fulfilling the life

I’ve been blessed to unfold

My bed is cold

Within my dreams

As I awake each morn

I chase the doubts and fears

That long since held me back please God

I only hope He hears

My prayer this day will bring

The abilities foretold

Within my slumbers bliss

To evade this day’s abyss

Vigilant and reborn

I’m challenged by the suns arise

I scoff at Moloch’s threats

There’s purpose in this heart of mine

In deeds I’ve no regrets

I’ve dreamt this day a thousand times

I’ll live it now unchained

To be this man

I’m worth the stand

In truth no compromise