IC&RC Exam Prep Course 2023©

This is the only online IC&RC Exam Prep Course that reflects the revised 2023 domains for the updated exam.

This is a comprehensive exam preparations course that was designed and developed not only to improve your test score but to provide you with insight into scientific principles and evidence-based “special skills” to aid in your counseling career.

You can log in and out and take the course over time and at your own pace. I advise setting up a file in your computer to save the relevant downloadable study material.

“Myself and my staff are available 24/7 if you have any questions or need any assistance.”

William A. Rule – Executive Director, Institute for Learning and Development

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Course Instructor

William A. Rule, MS, CASAC William A. Rule, MS, CASAC Author

IC&RC Exam Prep Course 2023©

1 year of access

Enroll with any credit/debit card via our secure PayPal link.

If you are having difficulty with the cost email me and I will work something out for you. 


IC&RC Domine 1: Scientific Principles of Substance Use Disorder and Co-occuring Disorders

IC&RC Domine 2: Evidence-based Screening and Assessment

IC&RC Domine 3: Evidenced-based Treatment, Counseling and Referral

IC&RC Domine 4: Professional, Ethical and Legal Responsibilities


APPENDIX: Sample Questions and Answer Keys to download and practice

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