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22 Comments to “Log-in Page – Student Dashboard”

  1. Thanks for the input Joseph. I created a log-in help tutorial based on your feedback. The issue is easy to fix at your end. I added the tutorial link on to the Student Dashboard.

    To watch now –> (Click Here)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Andrew and I see the notification this morning that you have successfully completed the Ethic 6.0 course and have your Certificate of Completion posted for CASAC renewal.
    Good luck with your counseling career!

  3. Mr. Rule;
    I really enjoyed and learned from your course on ethics. Like you, not only do I provide mental health and substance abuse counseling, I teach. I teach substance abuse classes, Sociology, and psychology as well as “testing strategies” for those with learning disabilities.
    It is obvious from your passion and talents that you are dedicated to what you do, and this is refreshing to observe.

    Thank you so much.
    Paul Sullivan
    Psy.D, MS. CASAC

  4. Try it again now. I have removed the prerequisite. When you log in to the course go right to the one question quiz.
    I will make sure you get a certificate of completion.

    William Rule

  5. Well done! As a social worker in addictions with years of experience, I thought this might be painful. However, I also teach in the addictions program at a Community College. You provided me with some new ideas to use in my teaching. I thought the course was enjoyable and well organized. It gave me something to think about.
    Kathryn M. Martin, LMSW, CASAC,CPP

    1. Thank you for the feedback Kathryn. I put a lot of work into the research, design and development of my online courses. Very happy you enjoyed the experience and that you will be taking the info into your classroom.

      William A. Rule, MS, CASAC-Master
      Executive Director
      Institute for Learning and Development

  6. Hello Mr. William Rule,
    I am writing from Germany where i am stationed with Army Europe Headquarters. It was great to be able to take your online courses from Germany. I really enjoyed them. Thanks!
    Thanks for your reply and assistance.
    Best regards,
    Brian Buckley, MA, LCSW, CASAC
    Wiesbaden, Germany

  7. William..thank you so much for these courses and particularly the last 2 with the fee waived..I am A Sister of Mercy and funds for Continuing Ed have been limited during this time of Corona virus..My ministry is directing retreats for men and women in 12 Step Recovery programs and needless to say much of my work has been cancelled or postponed during this time..I have learned a lot and am grateful to you and all the work you have put into your presentations for the sake of high quality in our field..thanks..
    Sister Kate

    1. Thank you Sister Kate. It is extremely rewarding to know this was appreciated. I just felt that I wanted to do something with what is going on to help the NYS counselors who are staying at home. I came up with this idea to offer 2-3 online course enrollments and CE certificates for free and went with it. I have a big NYS email list and sent out the announcement April 1st. To date there has been 160+ course enrollments by counselors throughout NYS. Thank you for your kind words. I have put a lot of work into the research, design and development of my OASAS approved online coursework.

  8. The course was excellent I was able reinforce my knowledge on various topics, I want to say thanks for the presentation, I will recommend this training to my clinical staff. I have had trainings on Professional Ethics, this training really gave me more insight on the importance of Professional Ethics.

    1. Yes Brenda and thank you for the positive feedback and I appreciate you recommending my courses to your clinical team.

      William Rule

  9. Great professional service, I learned so much. The facilitator was well informed.

  10. Thanks Prof. Rule! Your online courses are amazing. So well researched and informative. Great clinical information I can use right away.

  11. Great course – thank you so much for putting this together!

    1. Thank you Anne. I appreicate the feedback.

      William A. Rule, Executive Director
      Institute for Learning and Development

  12. Mr. Rule. First, I like to thank you for the wonderful information you provided in the YouTube slides. The information I’m learning about the different vocational agencies and services for clients is beneficial.

  13. Thank you for this course! Thank you for making it affordable and not on Zoom! It was informative, well put together and being able to put on subtitles is a huge plus for me. I will be taking more of your courses in the future, thank you!

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback Kathleen. I put a lot of work into the research, design and development of my online courses.

      William Rule

  14. I found this training on Ethics to be very informative and discussing important factors of our work as CASAC counselors. I look forward to taking more trainings with the Institute for Learning and Development. Thank you Mr. Rule.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Carole. I put a lot of work into the research, design and development of my online CE coursework.
      William Rule

  15. Thank you so much for your support in the beginning helping me navigate the sections. This was truly the best Ethics course I have taken. It was didactic, fluid, relevant, enjoyable and not boring in the least. Going on now to see if you have any gambling courses as I have a CASAC-G and need 10 hours to recredential. I will be looking into your courses moving forward. Thank you again.

    1. You’re welcome Patricia. I got the notice earlier that you had successfully completed the Ethics 6.0 course. Yes, I have a Gambling Disorder online course which I see that you have already enrolled.
      Thanks for the feedback
      William Rule

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