1) Select an online course from the catalog page and click on the “Enroll Now” button.

2) Create a user profile using the gift receivers name as it will appear on their OASAS Certificate of Completion.

3) Create a log-in email and password. This can be changed and updated by the gift receiver when they log-in to the system.

  •  NOTE: Do not use the gift receiver’s email here or they will auto get an email notification that they are enrolled in the course. That would spoil the surprise! Use any other secondary email available to you and this can be changed/updated by the enrollee when they log-in to the course.

 4) Click on the “Buy Now” button and you can pay with any  credit/debit card.

  •  You will receive an enrollment success notification on your screen and an email verification will be sent.

 5) Download and printout the holiday gift instructions brochure to present to the receiver with your best wishes.

                 **  Gift enrollee instructions .pdf                ** Gift enrollee instructions .docx  (You can type in this one)


                                                                                            Happy Holidays!